Monday, May 10, 2010

XY graph watch

I have always liked XY graphs, so I found these watch really perfect. There are many crazy watch you can find on the web, some of them so crazy that it is hard to find out what time it shows, but these are really easy to use. Just pres the scan button and these watch will start the scan to find the time it is, press it again and you will get the date. The four led diods shows you what exact minute is now. Simple, cool and good looking XY graph watch, what more geek needs? :)

TV Hat - watch anything you want anywhere you want

Hello, I have for you another cool future gadgets from category of those funny, but actually working ones. With this crazy device you can watch anything you want anywhere you want in absolute privacy. What you can see in this picture is TV Hat your private theater. Just plug in your player and you can watch movies on its 2,5x magnification screen. It has also privacy shield, so everywhere you can even imagine you can watch anything you want and it costs only 30 dollars.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

NASA sends new robot to ISS

Last month NASA and GM announced that they wants to send robot to ISS this September. Eventual goal of this project is to help astronauts on the station. The name of this robot is Robonaut2 for short R2. It weights 136Kg, it has head, torso and two fully functional arms. In the beginning of its mission it will be monitored how well it performs in the wightless environtment of the ISS, but later NASA hopes it will be able to help astronauts with work and even during space walks. John Olson from NASA said about this project:“The partnership of humans and robots will be critical to opening up the solar system and will allow us to go farther and achieve more than we can probably even imagine today.”